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Material Performance

  • Evaluation, measurement and specification of the strength and deformation properties of pipes and fittings suitable for installation methods for onshore and offshore pipelines
  • Execution of medium and full scale fracture tests including assessment of methods to predict full scale behaviour from small scale test properties for controlling fracture initiation and propagation in pipelines
  • Investigate pipes that combine improved combinations of strength, toughness and weldability, particularly for special applications such as offshore reel laying
  • Determine pipe behaviour after subsequent processing steps as coating, cold bending, girth welding etc.
  • Building recommendations for requirements for high sophisticated applications e.g. welding defects, reeling, CO2 or rich gas
  • create or improve test methods and testing standards; prove significance of and testing parameter variation effects on testing methods by e.g. Round Robin Tests
  • Non-destructive testing techniques for the examination of longitudinal and circumferential welds